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Questions for drummers

Musician playing the drums during an indoor gig in Malta

I bet all of you guys have seen this video
I know it’s very old but I’ve seen it just a month ago and it totally killed me. I’m not a professional drummer and I don’t know, probably it’s not as cool as I see it, but I kept watching it for a week or so. Damn, the dude bangs these cymbals as if they’ve slept with him mother or something! Long story short, the video rocks, Travis rocks, and I want to rock too. Maybe it’s a little late for me to start (I’m 21), but dammit, “it’s not too late, it’s never too late”.
I borrowed a drum set from my neighbor. He used to play in college but he has left the town several weeks ago and gave it to me. It’s not supersophisticated but quite enough for a newbie.
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How to Organize Meals for Conservative Eater

All the people generally can be divided into two groups depending on their attitude to the new and unknown products and food, conservative eaters and experimental ones. But the both types need to organize their meals wisely to make the useful for the organism and provide enough energy.

The most difficult type is conservative type. Such people stay true to the traditions and customs of their nation and family. These people often can be heard complaining about the quality of the modern food. “10 years ago the wheat bread was more delicious”. But the conservative people who keep the old recipes may cook a lot of tasty old-fashioned dishes and make you a pleasant surprise having offered you a cinnamon bun and a cup of almond coffee. Generally they prefer traditional meals typical of their native country. The plain apple pie seems to be tastier to them than the latest recipe from the French chef.

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Cable Wakeboarding – Saddle up the Waves

Recently wakeboarding becomes more and more popular. It presents a kind of water sport and looks like a mixture of water ski, windsurfing, skateboarding and snowboard. So, if you like one of these types of sport you may get interested in wakeboarding as well.

There are two principal techniques for performing this activity – riding with the help of launch and riding with the help of windlass. Every method has its particular tricks which can help you to succeed. In the first case there is no need to try to stand up – the launch will pull you forward and upwards, so your main task is to keep your balance. If you ride with a windlass the moment of entering the water is the most important. Place the nose of your wakeboard a bit upwards, or it will turn and you will fall down.

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Being in the friend zone

You are attracted to a pretty girl. It seems like she reciprocates your feelings. You are flirting and have fun. You are ready to spend hours with her. And you are sure that you would be a perfect couple. But later it reveals that she has been dating someone else for a long period of time. And you could hardly imagine it. You are devastated. You could not predict the course of events. What would you do then? You do not understand why she acts like this… Well, definitely you should change your attitude to the situation. This experience is pretty unpleasant but do not be upset.

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Avoid becoming a gambler

Games are popular. In the whole variety of entertainment people tend to choose games of chance because they bring much fun together with adrenaline and the utter desire to win. But how to avoid becoming a gambler?

To stop being a gambler it’s actually necessary for a person to lose. To loose all he has. Just once or twice. If the addiction is weak, such a person will never return to gaming. But if the addiction is deep even losing everything will not become a remedy.

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Gifts You Should Not Give To A Woman

It is a common knowledge that women are a lot different from us in tastes, thoughts, opinions, behavior and so on. A woman is constantly trying to read between the lines of any situation she is involved while we usually don’t pay attention on such trivial things at all.

Therefore choosing a good gift for the woman you love can be a very difficult affair. If you pick a good one she will most likely admit you are very gallant to her and feel like you really appreciate and love her the way she is. If you buy a wrong present for her she might become disappointed in you and even start thinking if you two are actually compatible in life.

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Dive into Your New Hobby

To feel weightless it is not necessary to conquer space or keep a severe diet. There is diving to bring you pleasure, help to keep fit and turn you into the explorer of the sea depths. So, if you are ready to experience completely new and unearthly emotions, hold your breath and plunge.

However, before beginning diving lessons you should pass a full medical examination as there are some contraindications to this activity. These contraindications can be temporary, like cold, flu, angina and bronchitis, and permanent, like chronic diseases of internal organs, eyes, ears and nervous system, as well as problems which need surgical interference, like hernia.

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