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Dating a rich girl

Life is unpredictable. You never know what may happen to you next moment. And to tell the truth that’s wonderful indeed. You can’t keep under control everything in your life. It is good to plan your life but everybody likes surprises the life springs on us. It can be quite surprising and unpredictable to fall in love with a rich girl. It would be nice indeed if she loves you back. But it can be quite challenging as well especially if you are of a different social status. How to keep balance in the situation when her money may ruin your relations?

First of all try to be ambitious so that she could believe in you. Some rich girls tend to think that guys are dating them only because of money. Well, it happens sometimes indeed. And to tell the truth if she is sure you are a guy of this type it would be pretty difficult to over persuade her. Rich people are suspicious. Usually they do not trust others. Who knows what your actual intentions are. May be you just want to use her to get something. Would you date her if she was poor? Just try to answer the question. She would change her mind in case you manage to show her you are no less ambitious and motivated than anybody else. Be self-confident. Today you can’t afford to buy or to own something she may. But tomorrow everything may change. Both of you should realize it. So it should be clear to you that she mustn’t pay for everything even though she is rich and it’s not a problem for her. Be a gentleman. Otherwise it would be a situation as if you use her. Not good.

Even though she is rich it doesn’t mean you may spend her money and it wouldn’t be nice at all if you borrow money. I mean of course you can do it. But at the same time you may borrow them from your friends, why not? Of course she may help you and support you if you need it. Anyway try to avoid doing it. At least you date her not for the money she has and she must understand it as well. She must realize you date her because you like and appreciate her.

Even though you are of a different background you may share common interests. Try to find it out . If you don’t (it may happen of course) then express interest in everything she is interested in.

I think that dating a rich girl means to surprise her every single time. You need to be ingenious even you are not a rich guy. You should keep in mind that it is impossible to buy some things. You would never buy respect, love, friendship and commitment which are invaluable. She must understand it as well. Actually both of you are affected by money. That’s the main problem. So try not to focus on it even though sometimes it wouldn’t be easy. Just try.

Take care and enjoy your relations.


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