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Gifts You Should Not Give To A Woman

It is a common knowledge that women are a lot different from us in tastes, thoughts, opinions, behavior and so on. A woman is constantly trying to read between the lines of any situation she is involved while we usually don’t pay attention on such trivial things at all.

Therefore choosing a good gift for the woman you love can be a very difficult affair. If you pick a good one she will most likely admit you are very gallant to her and feel like you really appreciate and love her the way she is. If you buy a wrong present for her she might become disappointed in you and even start thinking if you two are actually compatible in life.

Here is the list of the gifts you should never hand to a woman:

  1. Dreadful flowers. If you are not able to pick the right flowers, choose a single red rose, it will look elegant and irresistible. Such a flower would definitely please even a metalhead girl.

  2. Cheap perfume. Even if it is wrapped like a good one it may still be embarrassing for a woman to receive it as she is most probably knows much more about perfume than you do and perfume isn’t what they are usually thrifty about.

  3. Clothes. If you decided to buy her a pair of tights – forget it! Buying clothing items and accessories are only of her concern: a tiny detail that she may consider wrong and you don’t even notice would definitely frustrate her. Paying for a dress she picked at a store is the only appropriate way to give her such a present.

  4. Cosmetics. Same goes for beauty care products: have you noticed how much time women spend in make-up stores trying to choose the right one? Besides if you buy her toiletry this can make her speculate if you are unsatisfied with her looks.

  5. Ventilation set. No comments.

  6. Dishes. In the modern society women don’t really like to be associated with the kitchen so such a present could mean to her that you don’t see her actual virtues.

  7. Home appliances. Quite the same and it is by the way boring and not at all romantic unless it is a hi-tech air extraction system with touch sensitive control.

  8. Fitness equipment. This may also make her feel fat or even ugly. Such a gift is one of the most risky ones.

  9. Pets. Her reaction on a pet is rather unpredictable and you should get to know a woman really close before making such presents. It will be a disaster if you bring a kitten and she is allergic to them.

  10. A present for yourself. It is quite obvious that you shouldn’t give a woman your favorite PC game no matter how long you have expected for its release.


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