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The Most Surprising Museums

  • The museum of music in Austria. This museum has nothing in common with the boring traditional ones with huge rooms and murmuring guides. The multimedia musical space occupies five stores and I swear that you’ll be sorry for the end of the exhibition when you reach the fifth one. These exposition looks like a fairy-tale castle. The one room if full of the enormous musical instruments for the viewers to see how they produce different sounds, the other one is a big touch screen which will plunge you into the magic world of the synthetic artificial sounds.The fantastic model of a human ear the hundreds times larger than the natural one gives visitors the possibility to step inside and understand how they function. One may try to become a conductor for an hour and perform together with The Vienna Symphonic Orchestra or to make his or her own record. The most interesting attraction is navigating a space ship. The better you manipulate it the more harmony there is in the music you hear in your headphones.

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The funniest urban legends ever!

When I was a little girl I was captivated and terrified by urban legends told me by my elder brother Jeremy. I believed that everything described in the legends was true. The stories he told me were very convincing and interesting. I was all ears. My elder brother made me believe in it persuading me that this or that story happened to his friends or people he had known well. I liked it and at the same time it was very scary for me to listen to all this creepy stuff. Later I realized that he was kidding me trying to make an impression on little silly girl.

Then when I was fifteen or so I came across an article on urban legends and found out that some of these creepy stories were real. It shocked me because some of them were really terrible and disgusting.

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