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Being in the friend zone

You are attracted to a pretty girl. It seems like she reciprocates your feelings. You are flirting and have fun. You are ready to spend hours with her. And you are sure that you would be a perfect couple. But later it reveals that she has been dating someone else for a long period of time. And you could hardly imagine it. You are devastated. You could not predict the course of events. What would you do then? You do not understand why she acts like this… Well, definitely you should change your attitude to the situation. This experience is pretty unpleasant but do not be upset.

First of all don’t let her use you. Of course she realizes you like her. She knows you are attracted to her. It is a wonderful chance to manipulate you and your feelings. Girls are absolutely okay with it. Be friendly and keep a distance at the same time. She should realize that you are not okay with it. You can be her friend, helpful and supportive. That’s it.

You shouldn’t focus your attention exceptionally on her personality. Hang out with your friends, have fun and find someone else. And once again if she understands you are needy she would manipulate you and use you when she wants it. It happens quite often. You have to stop it. Be more reasonable and less emotional. Is she really that perfect? Is she really so interesting and attractive as you think? C’mon, there so many girls. You should realize you would hardly have a relationship with her. Then do not waste your time.

Think of your ego. I mean she is not interested in you as a partner. She is your friend. And she accepts you as a friend only. Why should you waste your time on a person who actually doesn’t care much about your feelings? It is obvious you like her. And if she uses you it couldn’t be justified. Be her friend but do not bother her too much. Probably it could be offensive but she offends your feelings by flirting and manipulating you.

You should busy your mind. Occupy yourself. Don’t waste time staying at home all days long. It could be pretty depressive. You should force yourself to be strong and self-confident. It is a rule. Control your feelings. No one would be attracted to a self-pity guy who wants nothing in his life. Think it over.


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