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Avoid becoming a gambler

Games are popular. In the whole variety of entertainment people tend to choose games of chance because they bring much fun together with adrenaline and the utter desire to win. But how to avoid becoming a gambler?

To stop being a gambler it’s actually necessary for a person to lose. To loose all he has. Just once or twice. If the addiction is weak, such a person will never return to gaming. But if the addiction is deep even losing everything will not become a remedy.

The main things to recognize a gambler are the following:

  • financial problems;

  • incapability of stopping a game after several losses;

  • being inattentive;

  • numerous nervous problems and aggression;

  • indifference to the families and the problems of relatives;

  • constant lies.

If you feel you have problems with gambling and you want to get rid of the addiction, first of all try to answer the question: “Why am I playing?”. If you do it for entertainment once a month or having no alternative to have a good time – it’s OK with you. But if you are substituting something by gambling, if you spend all the time in the process then it is a great problem and you should stop.

Try to find another way of entertaining yourself which can become more absorbing than gambling. Don’t stay alone, be with your friends and tell them you need to spend time anywhere except casinos.

More than that, never play games of chance if you are in depression or have emotional instability at the moment. Sadness and alcohol will make you an addict faster than you blink. Let all the games of chance become a nice addition to an awesome evening, but not the sense of life.

Get it? Then good luck! No, not in the game but in reality!


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  1. You make some good points, but not all gambling is bad. Addiction is not good, but a bit of a low stakes gamble in these tough times can be fun.


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