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Age Alarm: Men in Crisis

Your life seems to be perfect – nice work, ideal wife or girlfriend, pretty children or obedient dog…And then one day you say “enough!”, grab your rucksack and walk away in an unknown direction to search for adventures and crazy love which will fill your life with sense. This phenomenon is called “man’s crisis” and it can occur in different periods of your life.

First chance to turn their life upside down men have when they are somewhere about twenty or a bit older. He can suddenly leave the university, girlfriend, excellent prospects of good carrier for diving somewhere in the waters of Australia, writing a philosophical tractate or dating with a girl with unreliable reputation. The reason is that the society does not give the en a chance to take a break from a constant race. First they need to graduate school, then enter a prestigious university at once, then create business connections and start to build their carrier. “When to live?” ask most young men and through everything away in order to find place for fine deeds in their life. To make the consequences of this crisis less disastrous for your life occupy yourself with some extreme activity which will provide you with the necessary portion of adrenaline. Buy a motorcycle, jump with parachute, but do not ruin your prospects due to this momentary dissatisfaction.

The second crisis captures you at the age of 30 or so. This crisis is the most famous one and is ominously called “The Crisis of Middle Age”. It is the time most men dive into love adventure despite the fact they already have family. The reason is that their life is now stable and they have nothing to worry about but they are bored and want their life to be more than this everyday routine of wellness. If you do not want this crisis to ruin your relations develop the creative approach, launch the business of your own or remember about the hobby for which you had no time before.

The third crisis occurs when you are 40 or older and your tasks for life are completed – you built a successful carrier, brought up children, earned enough money. It is time when you want to live for yourself and prove that you are still young. A younger woman seems to be more attractive than your wife and you want to start from the beginning. But do not hurry with the decision – try to bring some novelty into your life by traveling or refreshing the relations with the wife.


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