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Cable Wakeboarding – Saddle up the Waves

Recently wakeboarding becomes more and more popular. It presents a kind of water sport and looks like a mixture of water ski, windsurfing, skateboarding and snowboard. So, if you like one of these types of sport you may get interested in wakeboarding as well.

There are two principal techniques for performing this activity – riding with the help of launch and riding with the help of windlass. Every method has its particular tricks which can help you to succeed. In the first case there is no need to try to stand up – the launch will pull you forward and upwards, so your main task is to keep your balance. If you ride with a windlass the moment of entering the water is the most important. Place the nose of your wakeboard a bit upwards, or it will turn and you will fall down.

Another important issue which all beginners should take into account is the choice of a wakeboard. You should observe the following information:

  • the lighter is the wakeboard, the easier it is to ride it
  • the length of your wakeboard depends on your weight. However, it is better for the beginners to choose longer wakeboards as they are more stable on the water.
  • “rocker” or the curve of the board is also very important. If it is smooth (continuous), such board will be good for carving but it will difficult to perform jumps with high amplitude. 3-stage rocker allows your board to move faster and gives you more freedom. However, it can be hard on landing and instable on the water as well.

Beside wakeboard you need protective equipment such as helmet and safe wallet. Wakeboard can develop the speed of 30-50 km/h and if you fall down you may lose conscience which is not the right thing to do when you are in the water.


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  1. hey there, firstly, happy new year! :)) All the best for you in 2013! Secondly, you asked me about the frequency of my updates. I know i know! I have been such a bad blogger lately! I think it depends on different things or all things together. But the most common factors in my opinion are lack of time and thinking my readers don’t read my blog as much as earlier did 😦 Sometimes I also think there are nothing to post about 😦 So it depends on everything… Actually I don’t have motivation to do it too.


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