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Top 5 gaudy celebs

Watching the last Oscar ceremony I had mixed feelings, frankly speaking. I know that all women watch this “red carpet” stuff to see the dresses and the suits. Admit it! So…watching this TV version of the ceremony I came to a conclusion that some celebs call for a sincere admiration gasp and others leave you at a loss…All these things made me interested in various ratings, among which I was looking for the ones that enlist all the most gaudy celebrities. All in all, I got an impression there are certain famous people who will never be forgotten even failing only once. Here they are – the celebs with theworst clothing tastes)

1). Olsen twins. (I know, I know, there are two of them, but they are not divided into two parts, so…). Though these two girls had really high popularity rates and they have their own fashion line named “The Row”, nobody seems to be in love with their style containing baggy skirts, flat hats and way too funny brats. Too bad for them!

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