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How to Organize Meals for Conservative Eater

All the people generally can be divided into two groups depending on their attitude to the new and unknown products and food, conservative eaters and experimental ones. But the both types need to organize their meals wisely to make the useful for the organism and provide enough energy.

The most difficult type is conservative type. Such people stay true to the traditions and customs of their nation and family. These people often can be heard complaining about the quality of the modern food. “10 years ago the wheat bread was more delicious”. But the conservative people who keep the old recipes may cook a lot of tasty old-fashioned dishes and make you a pleasant surprise having offered you a cinnamon bun and a cup of almond coffee. Generally they prefer traditional meals typical of their native country. The plain apple pie seems to be tastier to them than the latest recipe from the French chef.

The good well-fried piece of beef will be appreciated and claimed to be more delicious than sushi. The tastes and preferences of the conservative eater have been formed by the way his family ate. And if his parents liked greasy and sugary meals rich in empty calories this person is likely to become overweight himself. In addition the daily menu of these people often turns out to the one and the same. Being accustomed to the same dishes the conservative eater buys the same products. That isn’t the best way to supply the body with all the necessary nutrients and micro elements, however.

How to organize eating plan for that person? The first thing that they should accept is that they still will have to try something new from time to time. Our lifestyle and food quality alter every day. And in the most cases we can’t eat the same food today as we used to eat when we were children. Nowadays the central problem of healthy living is lack of physical activity. Let yourself leave the favorite dishes in your personal menu. But add low-fat cheese, vegetables, fruit and other healthy products to your everyday meals. It’s not that difficult as it may seem. It is a wide-known fact that almost all the children act as conservative eaters. They will ask for the food they like again and again, but may refuse to try some new. Don’t give up trying new food if you don’t like something. The food becomes favorite one gradually. Explore national cuisine, maybe you will find foreign variant of some dishes from your culture.


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