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Dive into Your New Hobby

To feel weightless it is not necessary to conquer space or keep a severe diet. There is diving to bring you pleasure, help to keep fit and turn you into the explorer of the sea depths. So, if you are ready to experience completely new and unearthly emotions, hold your breath and plunge.

However, before beginning diving lessons you should pass a full medical examination as there are some contraindications to this activity. These contraindications can be temporary, like cold, flu, angina and bronchitis, and permanent, like chronic diseases of internal organs, eyes, ears and nervous system, as well as problems which need surgical interference, like hernia.

A special attention should be paid to alcohol. It is forbidden to drink it even in small doses within a day before and a day after the lesson. The violation of this rule can lead to inadequate reactions during the dive or to dehydration. Besides, alcohol increases the blood viscosity which can cause the slow down or the stop of the blood flow.

All in all, diving is a unique kind of sports as any healthy person of ten years old or older can perform it. The only difficulty is to carry heavy equipment on yourself for several meters to the water. Precise observation of the instructor’s recommendations and the rules of plunging are necessary for your security. Note also, that under water everything should be done slowly and gradually.

On special diving courses you will be given a set of equipment which fits your body best. You also have an opportunity to commit experimental dive before subscribing for the full course.

There are different diving programs, and you can choose one according to your preferences. For instance, there is Wreck Diver PADI which is created for those who are eager to observe the wrecks of old sunken pirate ships. If you are interested in underwater flora and fauna, you may like Underwater Naturalist PADI. Or try the curse of underwater photography – the shots you will create will be really amazing.

The variation of diving is free diving, when people dive without any special equipment – they just hold their breath.

When you feel that you are ready to a big adventure, you can go to the most popular place for diving – the Great Barrier Reef near the coast of Australia. There you can find more than 300 species of corals, 1500 fish species and 4000 different kinds of shellfish. Diving is an opportunity to discover a whole new world and explore new element.


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