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Questions for drummers

Musician playing the drums during an indoor gig in Malta

I bet all of you guys have seen this video
I know it’s very old but I’ve seen it just a month ago and it totally killed me. I’m not a professional drummer and I don’t know, probably it’s not as cool as I see it, but I kept watching it for a week or so. Damn, the dude bangs these cymbals as if they’ve slept with him mother or something! Long story short, the video rocks, Travis rocks, and I want to rock too. Maybe it’s a little late for me to start (I’m 21), but dammit, “it’s not too late, it’s never too late”.
I borrowed a drum set from my neighbor. He used to play in college but he has left the town several weeks ago and gave it to me. It’s not supersophisticated but quite enough for a newbie.

Then, I checked some articles in the Internet and found a lot of useful information:
how to play drums
play drums
drum lessons

The next step was Craigslist and a drum teacher. I like this guy, he’s 28 and looks like Iggy Pop) That’s the best testimonial for me. Besides, he doesn’t charge too much for his lessons.
So, up to now my drumming trials seemed to be not so expensive, but Matt (that’s my teacher’s name) told me the other day that I need a metronome to kinda learn how to keep rhythm. I’ve found lots of options on Amazon

The first thing that hit me was the price range. Okay, I understand why simple digital metronome is cheap, but why almost equal pendulums’ prices range from $10 to $108? I asked this question on a forum and guys told me a surprising thing: metronome is a sensitive and sophisticated mechanism, almost like watches. You can buy them in China Town at $3 and throw them away in a month. But if you want to enjoy accurate measurements, you’d better invest in something more expensive. That’s clear to me, but now I’ve got a question: what’s the difference between $45 and $100 metronomes? Obviously, I don’t want to pay more than necessary, so if some of you guys can give me some advice, I would totally appreciate that.
I’m gonna post things about my drumming lessons as I progress. The point is it’s hard to find online lessons for idiots. All of them seem to be too complex for a newbie and doesn’t make sense for those who have never played drums. I’ll try to describe the process in details as Matt teaches me how to play. So, stay tuned!


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