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Perfect Girlfriend for You

Have you ever thought about who is an ideal girl for you personally? There should be one in this world that could fit you perfectly despite the fact that she may also have some minor shortcomings you find cute. Let us figure out what kind of virtues we would like to see in our women.

  • The ability to understand you from the first time. She would not ask you several times why you don’t take her to hang out with your friends. She understands that sometimes you just need to be with your guys so that you can relax and have fun. She won’t arrange a fight because some girl wrote you a comment on your Facebook page as she probably guesses that it doesn’t really matter to you.

  • Interesting to talk to and smart. She is well informed about a lot of topics that interest you the most: cars, science, music bands and likes to talk about this things at the same time knowing when enough is enough. She possesses some useful experience and is able to listen to you and share her opinion and even help you figure out the solution to some troubles.

  • Kempt and well tended. As you may know beauty is abstract and her being attractive depends on her. Hair you desire to touch, decent manicure, smooth and soft skin, white teeth – all of these aspects are most likely highly appreciated by you. If she cares about her body and looks then she will care well about your future kids.

  • Housewifely and cooking well. Any of men like to eat good and tasty food so if she cooks for you various delicious meals which are also different every day then you can really say that you are happy to have her by your side.

  • Self-confident. She won’t look into the mirror and say that she is ugly and fat. Just the other way round she will adore her appearance and ignore her shortcomings you may probably don’t even notice. This girl would never be offended and worried if you look at other women as well.

  • Sincere. A girl should speak truth and show her emotions just the way they are arising in her. If she smiles because she is happy and cheerful it looks natural. If she smiles just to cover some negative feelings, it looks really weird.

  • Loving and loyal to you. This is one of the most important qualities of the ideal girl for you. You will definitely be unhappy and distressed being with a girl who doesn’t love you or is cheating on you. Consider yourself the happiest man in the world feeling mutual love and being faithful to each other.

  • Unique: every one is original and everyone has something peculiar in their personality, you just have to notice it. It is the best thing if that is something unachievable and hard to understand, a riddle and something intriguing that makes you always be charmed with her.

  • The last but not least, good in bed. This is one of the most important qualities of hers to make your relationship truly perfect provided that she has the majority of the above mentioned characteristics. Being sensitive, liberated and initiative in bed makes a perfect girl in bedroom.

Are you dating an ideal girl or you still haven’t noticed that?

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