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The Most Surprising Museums

  • The museum of music in Austria. This museum has nothing in common with the boring traditional ones with huge rooms and murmuring guides. The multimedia musical space occupies five stores and I swear that you’ll be sorry for the end of the exhibition when you reach the fifth one. These exposition looks like a fairy-tale castle. The one room if full of the enormous musical instruments for the viewers to see how they produce different sounds, the other one is a big touch screen which will plunge you into the magic world of the synthetic artificial sounds.The fantastic model of a human ear the hundreds times larger than the natural one gives visitors the possibility to step inside and understand how they function. One may try to become a conductor for an hour and perform together with The Vienna Symphonic Orchestra or to make his or her own record. The most interesting attraction is navigating a space ship. The better you manipulate it the more harmony there is in the music you hear in your headphones.

  • The museum of bags and purses in the Netherlands is a paradise for the girls who enjoy window shopping and are annoyed by the disapproving glances of the sales assistants. But the collection exhibited there is impossible to be found in malls and boutiques. The oldest items remind of the ones that tolkienists make for their role plays. They are dated by the sixteenth century. Every single purse there is a masterpiece. The most unusual ones are made of the lizard and ostrich leather. The owner of the museum Henrika Ivo was hunting the unique bags in while traveling with her husband all over the world. Gradually this nice quirk of her turned to be a life business.

  • The museum of illusions in Germany is a real fairy-tale for grown-pus. The visiting of this museum will be an unforgettable experience for those who was captivated by the books about the adventures of Munchhausen and tried to master the tricks with the playing cards and glasses of water.
  • In the ten rooms of this museums are full of the wonders from our childhood. You may see the flying rug of listen to the radio broadcasting the cries of terror from the sinking Titanic. Everybody is attracted with the shimmering model of the Universe exhibited in one of the rooms. The children who are lucky to see all the illusions here experience the euphoric state as the mechanisms and technologies can’t be seen.

  • The Swarowski museum in Austria is a rare place where the men admire the jewellery. Maybe the reason is that they don’t need to buy them. It is situated in a cave with a labyrinth of rooms and corridors connected by the spiral stairs which are also the art objects. The interior of this place doesn’t cause less surprise than the exhibition. The eleven-metre long stage for the puppet theater is made from a monolete piece of sheer crystal.

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