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Pineapple benefits for your body

Pineapple is definitely a tasty fruit we all love to eat from day to day to refresh and to quench thirst. But we don’t even notice that a pineapple is a lot more than a delicious fruit. Actually it’s greatly beneficial. Once an exotic fruit and today pretty much available it is now consumed regularly as a self contained dessert, a cocktail basis and as a good filling for cakes, pies, salads, pizzas and even burgers.

First, let us examine its composition which is in fact astonishing for having so many useful ingredients. A pineapple contains almost all necessary vitamins: C, PP, B1, B2, B12. Vital mineral ingredients are also over the top, for example, K, Zn, Fe, I, Mn and so on. And the most important thing in a pineapple is bromeline, an extremely advantageous ferment which is able to break down proteins and produces an antiphlogistic effect on the body.

Pineapple can be considered as a diet fruit as it contains only 46 calories per 100 g. It is a good appetite slaker as well. If you are dieting and going through a tough period of starving just eat a piece of a pineapple. Bromeline is also a good and effective stimulator of digestion. One of its numerous advantages is that it can help you remove extra liquids from your body and this way it is a good way to fight cellulite.

A pineapple can be a good additional treatment for some illnesses. It creates an antihydropic impact so that it can be used by people who have some kidney diseases.

This amazing fruit even decreases arterial blood pressure and is deemed to be a potent prevention of blood stroke and atherosclerosis. A pineapple can be used as a supplementary treatment for infectious diseases, chest colds and pneumonic fever.

We have said a lot of good things about a pineapple here but note, that it can be also harmful for you body in some cases. This fruit main peculiarity is its overacidity which may take its tall on your teeth, specifically on dental enamel and your stomach. If you notice any signs of hyperacidity try not to abuse pineapple or otherwise it can precipitate gastric ulcer.

What’s even worse, according to some unconfirmed data an immature pineapple can cause miscarriage and for this reason pregnant women are recommended to abstain from eating it as well as drinking pineapple juice because there is no guarantee that it is always made from completely mature pineapples.

The pluses of consuming pineapples are of course outweigh the minuses. Now you know that a pineapple is not merely an indulgence fruit but also a nutrient enriched meal. Just do not forget that too much of a good thing is good for nothing. Avoid eating it too much but at the same time do not forget to eat it on a regular basis and it will bring you some good results within a short period of time.


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