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Top 5 gaudy celebs

Watching the last Oscar ceremony I had mixed feelings, frankly speaking. I know that all women watch this “red carpet” stuff to see the dresses and the suits. Admit it! So…watching this TV version of the ceremony I came to a conclusion that some celebs call for a sincere admiration gasp and others leave you at a loss…All these things made me interested in various ratings, among which I was looking for the ones that enlist all the most gaudy celebrities. All in all, I got an impression there are certain famous people who will never be forgotten even failing only once. Here they are – the celebs with theworst clothing tastes)

1). Olsen twins. (I know, I know, there are two of them, but they are not divided into two parts, so…). Though these two girls had really high popularity rates and they have their own fashion line named “The Row”, nobody seems to be in love with their style containing baggy skirts, flat hats and way too funny brats. Too bad for them!

2). Courtney Love. Kurt Cobain’s widow, probably, got used to being discussed not for her style but for her immoral behavior…You know, drugs, alcohol and drunk riots. Strange as it may seem, but behind all that people still see the way she’s dressed. And they don’t like it. I would even not call this a particular style, because she doesn’t seem to think what she’s wearing and why it resembles a rag so much. Anyway, she takes the second place.

3). The next heroine taking her place in the list of most gaudy celebs –Sharon Stone – surprised me greatly by her presence here. I got used to the fact that she is “gorgeous” and “outstanding”. She must not be here! But, according to the polls, this strong woman seems too extravagant and excessively gorgeous to most people. Besides, many of the pollee point that she can be very bad in combining the parts of her costume. Too bad, but that’s the rate!

4). The next point, again, at first sight seems to be surprising. Victoria Beckham. This ex-Posh Spice must at least pretend to be stylish and fashionable. But people see everything. I think the reason why she is in this list is the following – they will never forgive her the dark and inappropriate dress (of her own design, BTW) at the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. This issue and the way she looked (and according to different opinions she looked bad) will be discussed forever and remembered every time they speak about this Wedding of the Century, I bet!

5). The last, but not the least, is Lindsay Lohan, our young but quite perverted girl of all the existing world pleasures. As well as Courtney Love she can hardly be imagined elaborately choosing her dress to look honorable and respectful. You know, all these courts and charges take so much time it’s easier to be photographed half naked. And drunk. And probably a bit high. At least it doesn’t require as much effort as looking stylish;)

Why do all of them do that? And why do a half of the celebs prefer to shine, while others are fully the slaves of their bad tastes? I know that it’s not so important, but still each of them should remember they are public figures, they are observed and sometimes even copied. I think that if it’s a matter of disgrace and scandal to make even more popular – it’s one thing. Though, I’m against it I admit that it’s quite possible. Much worse if they really don’t understand they look gaudy. It’s incarnate and can’t be fixed then;) Wait for the next red carpet and we’ll see;)


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