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Top 5 Mood Boosters

The weather is awful, your boyfriend haven’t called you for ages, there’s no wish to go out and a single thought of work is about to bring you to tears. Be careful. You may think that you’re temporarily upset, but it’s very easy to slip into depression. To avoid that you need to improve the situation immediately. How one can cope with the melancholic state of mind by himself or herself?

I would recommend you to try the five most effective ways to cheer yourself up.

  • Try some new activity. That may be doing things, learning things, making things or collecting things. Perhaps you will be captured by hiking or rope-jumping. Who knows, maybe you’ll spend hours watching birds or sticking the stamps in the albums. Anyway there are plenty of activities that are worth trying. In any case you get either an interesting experience or a new hobby!

  • Throw out the clothes you don’t like. Yes, and that worn out old baggy pajama. Let yourself enjoy your reflection in the mirror even if you’re just out of the bed. Be beautiful not only when somebody sees you. Ugly and uncomfortable clothes definitely will not make you happy. Buy a pair of pretty jeans instead. You will see for sure how your mood goes up immediately.
  • Walk or run around your town instead of constant working out at the local fitness center leading to bore and exhaustion. Upload favorite songs in your portable mp3 player and enjoy some nice tunes while burning calories. You may see familiar places in a completely different way. If you’re not an early riser, think of the following idea. Running in the evening or walking in a moderate pace can calm you down before the sleep. Bad mood is often accompanied by insomnia. This easy exercise will give you the needed strain to help you to fall asleep easily. Sometimes your body should be a bit tired.

  • Try new food. If you’re afraid to gain weight you may reduce your portions. Eat two small servings of something special instead of consuming a full-sized portion of the customary Caesar salad which taste is already so plain and familiar.
  • Even if you are ready to burst out crying find the strength to smile. While you’re smiling the tiny mimic muscles send positive impulses to your brain. Let the cause and consequence change their places. But don’t take too much effort to hide your feelings. That may lead to serious problems.

Generally it is normal to be upset from time to time. It helps us to feel joy and happiness more vividly, as our mind plays on the contrast. Don’t dwell on the negative experience you get and you mind will not accumulate the negative memories. Distract yourself from sad thoughts and try to think positive.Everything is OK while you can control your negative emotions, because every emotion makes us feel alive.


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