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The funniest urban legends ever!

When I was a little girl I was captivated and terrified by urban legends told me by my elder brother Jeremy. I believed that everything described in the legends was true. The stories he told me were very convincing and interesting. I was all ears. My elder brother made me believe in it persuading me that this or that story happened to his friends or people he had known well. I liked it and at the same time it was very scary for me to listen to all this creepy stuff. Later I realized that he was kidding me trying to make an impression on little silly girl.

Then when I was fifteen or so I came across an article on urban legends and found out that some of these creepy stories were real. It shocked me because some of them were really terrible and disgusting.

I am sure that people incline to believe in the stories which are true. It makes storyline more thrilling, captivating and even exciting. The same happens to me. When, for example, I know that a movie based on true events then I watch it with more interest than if it was a fiction.

But today I would like to focus your attention on the funniest urban legends ever. Frankly speaking I do not remember exactly if Jeremy had ever told me funny stories. It seems like the only thing he wanted was to frighten me out of existence. Anyway I found many absurd and ridiculous stories that made me laugh loudly. Here we are!

It happened more than forty years ago. John F. Kennedy went to Germany with official visit. Someone or maybe something made him tell the following: “Ich bin ein Berliner”. Well, it sounds really funny. When I read it for the first time I burst laughing. The point is that berliner is a traditional pastry widespread in Germany. It is very delicious by the way. People accepted it as an insane confession: “I’m a doughnut”. They say that the crowd was ready to burst with laughter. It is also said that it is a myth. It is a pity. I wish it was true. It would be very funny, wouldn’t it?

Between horror and laugh there is a legend about the automatic 4.0 grade. They say if your roommate to some reasons decided to commit suicide then you automatically get good grades for the semester. How come? Well, they say it is just such kind of college’s policy. So dead roommate=good luck. It is terrible but it is just another dark joke!

Another story happened to silly burglars and took place about 15 years. Two robbers burst into the bank to enrich themselves. But they were pretty surprised to find out nothing but bowls of vanilla puddings. Well, it turned out to be a sperm bank actually. It’s disgusting really. Definitely it is just another silly joke which became popular since 1990s. It never happened in reality. Fortunately! Because the story says that robbers ate all the puddings they found. When you are planning to rob this or that bank be ready and prepare properly! I suppose it is a story by unlucky and desperate bankers who were robbed and failed to find anyone responsible for the crimes.

So these stories attracted my attention, they simple and sometimes silly. What about you? Do you know any urban legends? Maybe something creepy or funny happened to you?


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