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Beautiful and Naked

Youth is a period of life when your beauty is natural and vivid, your body slim and gracious, your eyes shining and laughing without the help of any cosmetics. No matter what do you think of your appearance right now, after several decade s you will understand that these years you’re the time of your life. In order to make the memories of how you looked like sharper, you should make a photo session devoted to the beauty of your youth. The effect will be more powerful if you decide to make nude photos.

Nude photography is a difficult art, so you need to know some useful tips on how to make your body look gorgeous on the pics.

First, have a look on the works of the famous masters of this genre to find out what makes their photos so good. The works of Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon and Steven Meisel will be of much use for you concerning this aspect.

One of the most important issues that should be taken into account if you want to create a masterpiece of the nude art is the light. If it is too bright it may destroy even the best photos. The natural light is the best option, especially on the sunset or sunrise. But there are plenty of such photos, and if you need something more original you may try to work with artificial light. Note, that flash makes the image too sharp and flat. To avoid this effect turn it to the ceiling, it will make the light milder. Use the light from the windows or lamps covered with cloth. Another interesting idea is to use pocket flashlights – install several of them in the room and enjoy the unique lighting effect.

Then, pay attention to the state of your skin. Dark skin looks better so it is recommended to attend solarium before the photo session. Make sure you have no marks left on your skin by tight underwear, to avoid them, put it off an hour before making photos. Have a sound sleep before the event – your sleepy face will not add much attraction to the photos. If you want to make some parts of your body look slimmer put dark foundation on the bulgy parts, like your belly, for instance, and light foundation on the parts you want to look more prominent, like your breast.

Another important issue is your mood. You should feel relaxed and be sure that you are the most attractive girl ever. If your self-esteem is far from perfection you may drink a glass of wine to become more confident. The relations with the photographer are also very important. You should not be shy of him, so make sure that you feel comfortable in his presence even before the photo session. One of the options is to ask your boyfriend to make the photos. It is unlikely, that he is a specialist in this field, but he definitely thinks that you are the most sex appealing woman, and his attitude will help you to open up.


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