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6 Homecrafts to Do with Your Kid

Have you ever thought of yourself as of an artist? It’s easier that you’ve probably supposed. Making art objects you’ll kill two birds with one stone. You’ll definitely be captured by a new hobby and make your house beautiful. I suggest you to pick up one of these interesting activities that can be fun and at the same time improve your interior. If you’re a loving mother, that may be a perfect activity to perform with the children of all ages.

  • Old mosaics will inspire you to create one by yourself. I’d recommend you to begin with small pannos or pictures, complemented with some elements of a mosaic. Gradually you may consider making a coffee table, a cup or a chair using this technique. Maybe one day all your neighbors will admire you mosaic porch.

  • Shabby pieces of furniture, small boxes and old photo frames can easily be brought to life if you will master the secrets of decoupage. All you need is some nice tissues, scissors and a special glue with smooth finish. Cutting out pictures or patterns may require patience, so let your child just stick the cut-outs and apply the glue with a wide brush.
  • To make your guests remember your house and want to see it once again add some bright and unusual details to your interior. Lampshades, pannos and recipe books decorated with the ornaments made with the quilling technique will attract the attention of your visitors. Filigreed flowers, birds or butterflies made of long colored paper stripes will transform the room of your junior daughter to the magic garden. The children usually enjoy rolling and sticking together the stripes forming different shapes.

  • If you choose scrapbooking you will discover a great possibility to create handmade postcards, notebooks or laptop covers. Your friends and relatives would be happy to get a present from you. This activity will change your opinion on small pieces of colored glass, silk cloth, ribbon cuts and old buttons. All that stuff would never go to a rubbish bin if you are fond of scrapbooking. Besides young children will like collecting, sharing and exchanging these “treasures”.
  • Clay modelling is always fun for both children and adults. To make bigger objects try to insert a flexible aluminum wire inside your construction. That will help you to create the details which could be used in the the future to make more complex art objects. Your children will enjoy working with clay more than with plasticine because their articles will get hard and have a longer life.

  • If your kid thinks that eating clay and plasticine is fun, suggest him to try edible sugar clay. It’s soft and can easily take any shape. Using sugar clay you may decorate your bakery or make holiday table decorations which would be eaten by your guests with pleasure.

Any of these activities will bring new emotions to your family life and give you the possibility to create a unique interior.


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